I’ve been taking the 30-minute classes every day for about a week and a half, and they’re awesome!! I’m noticing changes in my body already. The convenience of having access to a yoga and fitness platform that feels like a professional studio with experienced teachers when I’m at school is something I wish I had had last semester.

Josh B.UNC Wilmington

I’ve been practicing yoga long before I started my freshman year. I never would’ve thought my university (or any university) would be able to provide high-quality yoga from experienced instructors. It’s something I thought I’d only be able to get at a professional yoga studio.

Cassidy L.TCU Freshman

My twin brother goes to a different university than me, and this platform is a nice way to interact and stay in touch with him!

Taylor Q.UT Knoxville Freshman

Finally! A program that gives students a fun way to work out and connect with students! Good job, Campus Yoga.

Maureen J.ETSU Parent

The class was super challenging and fun. The ending was relaxing and was much needed! I can’t wait to take more classes!

Sydney K.Samford Sophomore

I would’ve been a lot less nervous about taking on university if I knew a program like this was in place.

I was homeschooled throughout my time in high school. Social anxiety was something I struggled with daily. After I graduated high school, I went on to study the psychological and physical benefits of yoga. Campus Yoga not only brings to light the importance of overall health and wellness, but it also gives all students the ability to connect with other students from the comfort of their dorm. I’m so excited to see how Campus Yoga impacts students and universities in the years to come.

Mallory MarieCY Yoga Instructor

I needed Campus Yoga when I was in college.

My whole life, I’ve been an athlete, a wrestler, and a powerlifter. In college, I put a lot of effort into my powerlifting until a wild power clean sent my L5 disc into orbit, and my lower back has given me challenges ever since. I never really thought about the importance of recovery and injury prevention. No one really talked about it that much. If I had the option to utilize an easily accessible program to practice yoga and learn its importance, I might’ve been able to avoid the injuries I received during my time as an athlete.

Chase HayesCY Yoga Instructor