Fitness Perfected for a Life Elevated

Welcome to DreamPlus, your all-encompassing health & wellness platform that improves your life with innovative solutions and tangible, measurable results backed by science.

Fitness Perfected for a Life Elevated

Welcome to DreamPlus, your all-encompassing health & wellness platform that improves your life with innovative solutions and tangible, measurable results backed by science.

Who We Are

Welcome to Dream Plus, your all-encompassing fitness & wellness platform dedicated to enhancing holistic health–mental, physical, and overall well-being. We strive to deliver authentic success through our diverse range of classes, alongside our variety of goal-oriented structured programs.

Our Mission

At DreamPlus, we break the status quo—so you can surpass your limitations.  Our drive to transform fitness has led us to challenge the traditional approaches that often fail to deliver tangible results. Our commitment to innovation and real outcomes has fueled the creation of our fully interactive platform, offering a diverse array of classes and a growing selection of structured, tailored, and goal-oriented programs. This comprehensive approach, coupled with the development of Flux, showcases our dedication to pioneering cutting-edge solutions in health and fitness.

Dive Into Dream Plus

  • Classes: Explore a variety of classes tailored to fit your schedule and fitness needs.
  • Structured Programs: Let us handle the planning and engage in goal-oriented programs designed for specific results.
  • Holistic Wellness: Enjoy a comprehensive approach that includes physical fitness, meditation, and mental health for overall well-being.
  • Inclusivity: Injuries or disabilities don’t have to hold you back, our ‘Chair’ option ensures everyone can participate comfortably and safely.
  • Interactive Platform: Connect with our community to share your experiences on our platform and engage with others on our social forum for additional support and inspiration.

Introducing Flux

The Evolution Revolution of Movement and Fluxability

Flux isn’t just a body evolution

it’s a fitness revolution

Born from the pressing need for genuine, measurable outcomes, Flux is our response to the endless pursuit of effective body improvement solutions. This groundbreaking workout method beautifully merges the fluid movement and breath synchronization found in yoga with other dynamic movement practices, creating a workout that’s not only safe and effective but deeply satisfying and fun.

Designed for Real Results 

Every aspect of Flux is engineered for impact. By incorporating a wide array of movement philosophies, Flux offers a diverse and comprehensive fitness experience that promotes strength, flexibility, and endurance without the strain or risk of injury.

Core benefits of Flux

Enhanced Muscle Engagement

Activate and strengthen muscles efficiently with movements designed to optimize every workout while protecting your joints.

Accessible to All

Flux is crafted to be inclusive, eliminating the barriers posed by more traditional exercise regimens. It’s suited for every fitness level, adapting to support your personal fitness journey.

Holistic Wellness Integration

Flux goes beyond physical health, integrating mindful breathing and fluid movements to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity.

Why Choose Flux?

Traditional fitness methods often deliver inconsistent results. Flux changes the game by combining proven techniques from various disciplines to create a fluxable system that truly works for everyone. It’s a versatile solution tailored for those who seek performance, safety, and a genuinely enjoyable fitness experience.

Join the Movement with Flux to Do More

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Our instructors

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From Lecture Halls to Conference Calls

We’re NOT just virtual yoga.

Discover the benefits of Dream Plus’s comprehensive method to holistic wellness:

24/7 Accessibility

Access diverse classes around the clock, fitting even the busiest schedules.

Diverse Library

Explore yoga, fitness, and meditation classes of various styles and difficulties.

Community Driven

Join our Social Hub, a forum designed to engage with fellow students and colleagues.

Mental Wellness

Beyond physical fitness, we promote mental well-being through mindfulness practices.

Inclusivity at Our Core

We ensure everyone, including those with injuries or disabilities, can participate.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced instructors support the health goals of everyone.


Wellness should be affordable, offering top resources at great rates.

Data-Driven Results

Gain insights with analytics, monitor accounts, and create favorites lists.