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Ready to bring live and on-demand yoga to your organization? We offer packages to:

  • Schools
    • Schools looking to give their students access to our platform
  • Businesses
    • Businesses looking to give their employees access to our platform
  • Groups Within
    • Specific divisions of an organization
      • Examples include Company Departments, School Departments, Sports Teams, Greek Life, etc.


Let us know a little about your organization, and one of our friendly representatives will reach out to take care of your needs.

Contact Info


Phone: (980) 575-5059


Get Started With StillWave

If you’re a student trying to sign-up through your school, do NOT use this form. Contact if you need assistance.

Ready to bring live yoga to your college community?

Let us know a little about your university and one of our friendly representatives will reach out to take care of your needs.

University pricing:
  • $1,500 base fee
  • $1.00 per student
Sign up online for just $11,500 total to be a part of Campus Yoga.
This is our one-time introductory offer for 10,000 students spring 2023.

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Once you have signed your school up for Campus Yoga visit your account page to set up your student accounts.

On your account page click subscriptions to view your active plan.

On your subscriptions page click sub-accounts to manage your student logins.

Your corporate accounts page is your one stop dashboard to manage all of your individual student logins covered under your university plan.

From here you will want to copy the SIGNUP URL at the bottom of the page that is unique to your school, and send that link to all of your students through whatever platform they are most likely to receive notifications.

Any students with your schools link will be able to create a free account under your university master account.

If you have any questions or need any help with this process, please reach out to our support team and we will help you get your school up and running in no time!