You can, but you do not have to! Just come ready to flow with us! You also have the option to add any or all live classes to your own Google Calendar. Just click the “Sync Live Events Calendar” button on a live class. 

Yes! All accounts can be logged into up to 5 devices.

“Individual” is for just one person who’d like to pay a monthly or annual fee for our platform. “Organization” is for schools, businesses, or groups within those organizations who want to pay for a certain amount of accounts/logins for a certain amount of time.

No. Individual sign-up is only for those who want access to our platform even though their school or organization does not have an account with us.

All our live classes are recorded and posted in our class library so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

Just sign in like you would if you were on time, click go live, and it’ll take you to the livestream. You can join in from where we are or just rewind and start from the beginning. You’ll just be behind everyone else flowing.

Live classes are filmed and available to join from the third week of August until the last week of May. During the summer, our live classes stop, but new classes are still added to our video library weekly. The days and times of our live classes can change each new year due to popular trends and other factors, but will be posted to our website long before live classes begin again! 

We offer a wide range of class types and time lengths to suit every schedule and every student.

Our Textbook Edition, The All Nighter, and Flex Period classes are ideal for beginners. However, we recommend jumping into any class and learning as you flow. Check our “Classes” page to learn about each class type. Lastly, we ensure all live classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners so everyone can join in!

Here’s a list of some basic things you’ll need for a class with us, listed in order of importance! Note: the ones in italics are optional: 

  1. Yourself
  2. Yoga mat (or be on a safe, non-slip surface)
  3. Water bottle
  4. Comfortable, flexible attire (i.e., leggings, athletic shorts, sports bra)
  5. Yoga blocks (or something similar, like a textbook!)
  6. Yoga strap (or an item like it)

It’s up to the teacher whether or not they publicly post their contact information on our Teachers Page. Go to our teachers’ page and click on the teacher of your choice, and if their contact info is there, feel free to reach out to them.

Yes! They may not reply immediately, but they will see your message on the screen and reply when they get a chance. No one participating in the livestream has access to those messages. You can, however, make a public comment that can be seen by everyone participating in the livestream (they are censored). We might feature your comment! If you have a second in between poses, say hello to your fellow students across the globe!

We believe in inclusivity and want everyone to be able to participate in the joy of connecting with others and the joy of yoga and physical movement. All classes have a “Chair Yoga” section of the screen, allowing injured athletes and students with disabilities to join in on all classes. Our chair yoga poses are designed to fit the needs of students in wheelchairs, students with temporary injuries, or students looking to take it easy for a class or two. Fun tip: try taking a class using the chair yoga option, and when you’ve got a long day of studying ahead, incorporate some poses into your study routine!

Look for comfort, breathability, and flexibility. The go-to’s are usually leggings or athletic shorts and a lightweight, narrow- or form-fitting top that won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down. If you’re looking to stay warm throughout practice, grab a long-sleeved shirt like this and some leg warmers (yes, they work!). Lastly, when it comes to what guys should wear, it comes down to the basics – T-shirts and tank tops and long pants or shorts. Most tops are made of 100% cotton, natural, or synthetic fibers.

Subscriptions are monthly or yearly payments for individuals who aren’t given a free account by their school or organization. These subscriptions are auto-renew and can be canceled at any time. If you are given an account by your school or organization, your account’s access to videos will be removed on either of these dates: 

  • August 1st
  • December 31st
  • May 31st

The date is decided by your school or organization. Keep in mind that when you cancel a subscription or your account access is removed by your school or organization, you will still have your account profile with access to our Community Page, but your account will not have access to any of our classes or videos.