Elite-level instructors

Our teaching staff is our greatest asset. We take immense pride in having instructors with extensive experience and profound knowledge in exercise programming and rehabilitation. Additionally, our teachers are highly skilled in health and fitness promotion, with admirable communication skills and the ability to apply education and enthusiasm in supporting students in their pursuit of health, particularly in physiology and the management of wellness and fitness.

Unparalleled community experience

There’s nothing like a sense of community and belonging. Our approach takes it up a notch. Our live classes are taken by students from numerous universities, connecting classmates from miles away. Through our platform, students can build and maintain relationships with people at their university, past high school friends at a different school, or new friends that happen to be on the other side of the country.

Accessibility beyond compare

A vast selection of classes at students’ fingertips. College life is a busy one, and attending a fitness class at a specific time might not be possible. All our live classes are recorded and saved in our video library, along with a wide variety of classes, fitting the needs of even the busiest student. Additionally, all classes have a “Chair Yoga” option in the bottom corner of the screen, allowing injured athletes and students with disabilities to join in on the fun – live or on-demand!