Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation Classes and Programs

For Everyone

Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation Classes and Programs

For Everyone


Empowering Minds and Bodies

At StillWave (Formally Campus Yoga), we believe in the transformative power of wellness for both individuals and communities. Our mission is to make wellness accessible to everyone—individuals seeking personal growth, college campuses looking to grow their wellness offerings, and corporate teams looking to enhance their collective well-being.

Founded in 2022, our platform addresses the increasing demand for accessible, affordable, and inclusive wellness resources. We’re committed to supporting every step of the wellness journey for students and professionals alike, providing 24/7 access to a diverse library of yoga, fitness, and meditation classes tailored to meet the unique needs of educational institutions and businesses.

Live & On-Demand Classes

From Lecture Halls to Conference Calls

We’re NOT just virtual yoga.

Discover the benefits of StillWave’s comprehensive method to holistic wellness:

24/7 Accessibility

Access diverse classes around the clock, fitting even the busiest schedules.

Diverse Library

Explore yoga, fitness, and meditation classes of various styles and difficulties.

Community Driven

Join our Social Hub, a forum designed to engage with fellow students and colleagues.

Mental Wellness

Beyond physical fitness, we promote mental well-being through mindfulness practices.

Inclusivity at Our Core

We ensure everyone, including those with injuries or disabilities, can participate.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced instructors support the health goals of everyone.


Wellness should be affordable, offering top resources at great rates.

Data-Driven Results

Gain insights with analytics, monitor accounts, and create favorites lists.

Unified Community

One stream – Every college

Stress Relief

Relax and be mindful.

Competitive Edge

Strength is one thing, but flexibility can put you ahead of the game.

Be Ready For Anything

Always be ready to seize the day.

Get involved & get healthy along with fellow students

Live Your Best Life - Body & Soul

Your body is a temple
Take care of your body so it takes care of you!
Be at peace
Mind, body, and soul!
Yoga anytime, anywhere
All live streams are recorded so students can view classes whenever, wherever!
Fight stress with serenity
Yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing your mood and overall well-being!

Relax, Breathe, Grow

Ready, Set, FLOW

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth, a college enhancing campus life, or a business investing in employee wellness, our platform is designed to support and elevate every step of the journey!

What we offer

We’re taking wellness to a whole new level.
StillWave strives to create a wellness experience that stretches beyond the mat – fostering connections within and across academic and professional communities. Our platform is crafted to equip organizations with the tools to bolster their communities, helping members excel amidst academic challenges, professional milestones, and daily life.

  • Unified Community
  • Growth
  • Discipline
  • Empowerment & Confidence
  • Inspiring
  • Diversity

Happy instructors & customers

Our Team

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