Hannah Slep, Certified Yoga Instructor

In taking her first class at 15 years old, Hannah has cultivated a passion for yoga and its philosophy for over 13 years. Her classes are both nurturing and motivational, ready to push and soften you. In terms of education, Hannah attended UNC Chapel Hill and Georgia Tech, earning her B.S. in Environmental Science and her M.S. in Geographic Information Science & Technology. The studies she chose reflect how Hannah deeply cares about the relationship between humans and nature and further understands how our relationship with ourselves often dictates our relationship with our environment. Consequently, Hannah learned the importance of self-care and being active to maintain physical and mental health during school. Her growth has shaped the way she teaches; she aims to create an intentional flow where you can reach your edge with sweat while being encouraged to listen to your body. With focused attention, you can become the most fulfilled person you want to be.