Ty Gregorash

In 2017, Ty took a bold step out of his comfort zone and into the transformative world of yoga. From that very first class, lying in Savasana, he understood what all the excitement was about – and he’s never looked back.

Fast-forward to today, Ty has found in yoga not just a personal sanctuary but a way to give back to causes close to his heart. Contemplating how he could contribute more, teaching yoga emerged as the perfect solution. It enabled him to join a compassionate community dedicated to uplifting others, something that resonates deeply with his values.

Ty didn’t just think about it; he acted on it. Enrolling in teacher training at Y2, he earned his RYT200 certificate and embarked on his teaching journey. What sets Ty apart is his generous spirit: he donates 100% of his earnings from his classes to causes he cares about, continually inspiring others to get involved.

Growing up in the Chicagoland area and attending college at Indiana University, Ty’s background is diverse. He works full-time as an IT consultant, a structured routine that contrasts beautifully with his yoga practice. For Ty, teaching yoga isn’t just a passion; it’s a harmonious balance, a counterpoint to his daily life, and a way to make a difference one breath at a time.