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Take part in yoga and/or fitness classes on camera, providing students with a clear and accurate visual representation for class. Campus Yoga is at the forefront of delivering high-quality, accessible yoga and fitness experiences to students nationwide. As we continue to grow, we are looking for committed and skilled Class Demonstrators to join our team. In this multifaceted role, you will be the visual cornerstone for our online classes, guiding students by demonstrating how to properly execute each pose and movement with precision and clarity.

As a Class Demonstrator, your responsibilities will include:

● Taking part in yoga and/or fitness classes on camera, providing students with a clear and accurate visual representation of each pose, exercise, and movement.
● Ensuring that all movements and poses are executed in a standard, basic form, serving as a model for proper technique and alignment.

Within this role, we have three key sub-roles:

Yoga Demonstrator

● Displaying clear and precise pose alignment and movement.
● Maintaining basic pose execution without variations unless instructed by the class instructor.

Fitness Demonstrator

● Performing movement and exercises for HIIT, Circuit, and Strength Training sessions.
● Demonstrating the use of various equipment like dumbbell, kettlebells, and bands.

Chair Demonstrator

● Participating in all class types from a chair, offering adapted versions of movements and poses for students with physical limitations.

Role Flexibility

Whether you excel in one discipline or can cross-function among all three, we offer the flexibility to align with your strengths.

● You can choose to specialize in one, two, or all three of these sub-roles based on your expertise and interests.
● If you choose to specialize in more than one of these sub-roles, assignments may vary, providing opportunities to contribute to different class types based on demand and scheduling.

We are seeing individuals who are:

● Passionate about fitness and wellness.
● Knowledgeable and experienced in yoga and/or fitness, with the ability to demonstrate techniques for various skill levels.
● Keen to be at the forefront of a movement that makes wellness accessible to all.

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